Woe's "A Spell For The Death Of Man" turns 10 this month. by Joe Smiley


It's almost surreal to think that a recording I was involved with is still being talked about and celebrated 10 years later. In this interview with Indie Metal Vault Chris Grigg (Xos of Woe) recounts the origins of Woe and the process behind the making of A Spell For The Death Of Man. Check it out at the link below.


Mose Giganticus Release Video For "Long As Time" by Joe Smiley

Yesterday saw the release of a new video by Mose Giganticus for the song "Long As Time." The song was recorded at Red Planet back in 2015 and the video was shot in various locations around Philadelphia. Check it out below.

The band and their director also sat down with the Wake The F UP podcast while in-between shoots to talk about the band and the trials behind shooting "Long As Time." You can listen to that here:

Psychic Teens premier new song "SICKO" by Joe Smiley

Psychic Teens returned to Red Planet back in October to track and mix their new release HEX. Hear the premier of their new song SICKO (a song perfectly suited for the times we're now living in) over at Invisible Oranges. HEX was mastered by James Plotkin and will be released on April 21st on Hex Records. Head on over to the Hex Records web store to preorder HEX on CD or yellow or green vinyl.