"[The album is] loaded with fierce energy, compelling atmospheric melodies, passionate, throat-tearing vocals, and skilled instrumental performances by everyone in the band (which the clarity of production allows you to appreciate)."

From's review of Dumal's The Lesser God (Jan 8th, 2017)

"All of this is boosted forth with damn solid production values that keep all of the elements tightly knit without obscuring the subtleties."

From’s review of Gholas’ Zagadka (March 8th, 2011)  

"The mixing and production is impeccable. Everything feels smooth but not compressed."

From Scene Point Blank's review of Gholas' Zagadka (Nov 17th, 2010)

"The production is caustic without being thin with the drums in particular sounding really live and raw... The guitars are raw and dirty but not thin or distant and the bass is always there filling out the sound and rolling the album forward with the momentum of the bass drums pushing it along."

From The Metal Crypt's review of Woe's A Spell For The Death Of Man (March 5th, 2009)



Recorded several times with Joe. We liked him so much the first time, we kept coming back.
— Chris Morgan, Gholas (Feb 5th, 2017)
This place is awesome! Recorded here many times!!!
— Bryion Kelliey, The Parameters (Jan 9th, 2017)
Love Bruce, Love the space, and it was a great place to record!
— Jo-Ann Rogan, Thorazine (Jan 2nd, 2017)
Worked with Joe in past two days here at Red Planet... This lad actually knows what needs to be done, and done it right, with a great patience to demanding musicians. Thanks for all your help!!!
— Gene Isayev, Tree Rats (Oct 2nd, 2016)
Red Planet is a class act providing a great service at a fair price. Solid!
— Mark A. Shewchuck, Old Soul Revival (Sept 4th, 2015)
Working with Joe was a real pleasure. It’s one of the best environments to record. Comfortable, professional yet fun and at the end of the day the final product sounds great.
— Ben Danaher, Action Man/66 Stitches (Jan 8th, 2014)
Great recording/practice studio with great owners. Always there if you have a problem or a question. I could not recommend this place enough.
— Donny Mutt, Quiet Arcs/Cop Problem (March 6th, 2013)
great local studio in DelCo to record and/or rehearse
— David Polidoro, 66 Stitches (Nov 13th, 2011)
Recorded our EP with Joe. The recording space is amazing, and the live room is MASSIVE. Definitely one of the best rooms in Philadelphia. Can’t wait to get back in there soon. Great dudes, great studio
— Justin L. (Oct 9th, 2012)
Perhaps the best recording studio/rehearsal space in Philadelphia. Red Planet is a huge warehouse spaces that houses twelve good sized rehearsal spaces, and a flawless 24 track digital recording studio. It also has a huge music community happening inside it. bands like Hulk Smash, The Last Emperor, Bear Is Driving, Cosmonaut, and many more have used its recording services. Bands like Neck Tie and Bloody Wall Of Gore stand by it for practice spaces.
Red Planet has also provided Live Sound equipment and engineers for R5 Productions, The Rotunda, The International House, Drexel University, and a number of other places throughout Philadelphia. So if you’ve been to a show at any of those places then you may have an idea of how good their sound is.
— Bill M. (Oct 3rd, 2007)